Messager USBi: Status LED light remains solid when trying to load new USB drive/audio

1. Did this problem occur after adding new audio to your unit?

2. After loading this new audio, and the Status light went solid did you hear a slight popping sound?

3. After hearing the popping sound did your audio not play?

4. Did you try multiple USB drives but the Status light stayed solid after inserting each of them?

If your answer to the questions above were all "yes" then check your audio files properties or its file information to view if there is a date listed in the unit properties (use your audio editing software or a free program such as GoldWave). If there is a date or a large amount of extraneous information within the file properties, this is likely causing your issue. Clear the properties / file information before attempting to load the file in another unit. If you have already loaded an erroneous audio file, and the unit no longer recognizes new USB drives, the unit will need to be sent into Nel-Tech Labs for repair.

Not sure this is your problem, or you believe this is your problem & need to have a unit repaired? Please contact Technical Support to verify the issue & begin the return process at

Attached to this article is an instructional PDF file on how to download, install and use GoldWave audio editor (if required) to prepare audio files for Nel-Tech Labs devices.