Formatting a USB Drive via a Mac OS for Use in USB Equipment & Windows PCs

To properly format a USB drive via a Mac OS for use in Messager USB, USBi, Night Answer or Multi-Messager USB, be sure to select the "MS-DOS" format.

An improperly formatted USB drive could result in the Messager USB and/or Messager USBi not reading the USB drive. The correct way to format a USB drive for use with a Messager USB and/or Messager USBi using Mac is; 

  • Insert the USB drive in the Mac’s USB port (Note: do not use a USB hub)
  • Open the “Applications” folder
  • Select “Utilities”
  • Launch “Disk Utility” by double-clicking on it
  • Click on the drive for the USB drive

(Be sure to click on the correct drive, as you will erase everything on the selected drive)

  • Choose "Erase"
  • Under Volume format, choose MS-DOS (FAT) & then press erase
  • Press erase again to confirm that you want to erase the drive
  • Wait for the Disk Utility to finish erasing the USB drive
  • Drag the icon of the USB drive to the “Trash” folder (icon) on the desktop, remove the USB drive from the computer & empty the “Trash” folder
  • You can now reinsert the USB drive & load the audio file(s)

Optimum MP3 file parameters for the Messager USB & Messager USBi; MONO - 128k Bit Rate (kbps), 44 KHz (44100 Hz) Sample Rate

Please see the attached document for step-by-step instructions.