Having trouble connecting to unit on local network

If you are having issues connecting to a unit that is attached to your local network, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

Check to see that there are DHCP addresses available on your network. If there are not, the unit will not acquire one. Try assigning a Static address to the unit to see if that resolves the issue.

First, is the unit an iLink or an iLink LCD?

If the unit is an iLink, then you must use the NTL Studio Utilities to find the unit and determine the IP address.

If the Utilities does not find the iLink, stop the scan, power off then back on the iLink, and then start the scan again.

If the unit is an iLink LCD, check the IP address on the front of the screen. Compare this IP to the IP address of the computer running NTL Studio. The first three octets, so 192.168.1.x should be the same (if the computer and unit are on the same network). If they are the same, then you should be able to do a direct connect to the unit in question.

If the IP Address on the unit matches what NTL Studio says Press connect. If it does not match you have to change NTL Studio to the Correct IP and Save. 

If the computer and iLink LCD are on two different networks separated by the internet, input your static global IP address and port into the iLink LCD via the menu and then force a connect-back.